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  All views and opinions published on this site, and affiliated social networks, unless otherwise noted, are that of my own or of authorised contributors only. Any action taken as a result of the information on this site is taken at the reader's own risk, we accept no responsibility for decisions made by readers. While we do everything to ensure that the information on Good To Know is accurate, up-to-date and informative, the information is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way advising anyone in legal or medical matters, immigration or any other professional matters.

  Additionally we are not responsible for actions taken or content given by advertisers, sponsors, third party sites that we have linked to, or anyone else who adds to this site or affiliated social networks through writing, graphics or commenting, or in any other way. Any action taken on behalf of the reader or end user in relation to the aforementioned content is taken at their own risk.

Reader Contributions

  Reader contributions are welcome in the form of email, comments and sharing content, either on the site or affiliated social networks, in a way that contributes positively to the open discussion and encourages others to engage. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and readers are encouraged to express their points of view, however it is the policy of this site that such discussion be conducted in a way that is respectful to others. Negativity, bullying, hostility, ill-intent, discrimination and contributions considered to be mean in nature, purposefully provoking or intended to prevent other readers from sharing their opinions will not be tolerated, and it is within the rights of the editors of this site to remove any such content.


  I am the legal copyright owner of all content published on this site, unless otherwise noted. No content can be rewritten, printed, or otherwise distributed without my written permission. Additionally I reserve the right to change or delete the content or site, as I see fit.


  No information received from readers of Good To Know will be sold or passed on to any third parties. We are not responsible however for what any advertisers, sponsors, third party sites we have linked to or anyone who reads or adds to this site or affiliated social networks, does with your information.

  We do reserve the right to share email content, photos, tweets, posts or any other messages sent to us either via this site, email or affiliated social networks, in posts or publications relating to Good To Know in contextually related content, unless otherwise asked not to in writing. 

Good To Know Site Editor,
Amanda Moller

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